Bubbakoo’s Burritos, a build-your-own-burrito concept, has been expanding throughout the United States, spreading their brand to new platforms, and introducing their Mexican-fusion style cuisine to new places.

The popular chain was founded in 2008 by industry veterans Bill Hart and Paul Altero. Both Hart and Altero had worked together previously and decided to combine their ideas to build a united dream. Their shared vision focused on the complete customization of entrees with fresh ingredients and a strong concentration on customer service. Bubbakoo’s Burritos has innovated a menu where customers can pick and choose what they want and create something different every time they visit.

Aside from their food escapades, Bubbakoo’s is dedicated to getting involved in the communities surrounding their store locations. Their team has launched a program for the schools called the “Read It To Eat It Program” where students can read five books and in exchange, they receive a free student meal. Since the dawn of this program, hundreds of teachers have signed up to participate and together with Bubbakoo’s, they continue to incentivize education.

Since their first store opened in Point Pleasant, NJ in 2008, many Bubbakoo’s restaurants have been popping up throughout the country. With 45 locations across seven states and more than 100 locations signed, the expansion of this fast-casual chain will not be slowing down anytime soon.

The next location to open will be Louisville, KY on 1/19/21 at 12919 Factory Lane and a traditional grand opening will follow in the future.

“We’re really looking forward to bringing Bubbakoo’s to Kentucky and sharing the brand with this community,” says Paresh Patel, franchise owner of the Louisville Bubbakoo’s.

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