BUBBA burger, the No. 1 selling retail, frozen branded burger in America, has opened the first Original BUBBA burger Grill restaurant at 13500 Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida.

Located on the southwest corner of Beach and Hodges Boulevards, this is the first restaurant opening for the Original BUBBA burger Grill. Three additional BUBBA burger Grill locations are under construction in Jacksonville and will open this summer.

"We are excited to open the first of many restaurants across the country serving America's favorite burger: the BUBBA burger," says Billy Morris, president and CEO.  "We have spent years developing the BUBBA burger Grill and we are pleased to now serve great BUBBAs, fries, and other menu items to our existing fans and introduce our great-tasting BUBBAs to new guests."

Original BUBBA burger Grill is a fast-casual restaurant chain featuring a menu centered around all varieties of the premium BUBBA burger, including the Original, Sweet Onion, Jalapeno, Big BUBBA (1/2 lb.), Reduced Fat, Mini BUBBA Bites, All-Natural and Certified Angus Beef, as well as the new All Natural Turkey BUBBA burger.

Guests of Original BUBBA burger Grill create their own unique BUBBA by selecting from a wide variety of options including their choice of BUBBA burger variety, buns, toppings, and cheeses. Additional menu options include a mini BUBBA dawg platter and BUBBA sides such as fresh cut fries, fried pickles, fried green beans, sweet potato fries, BUBBA chips, and BUBBA bacon dippers.

"The BUBBA burger Grill restaurants have been created to serve individuals and families who already love BUBBA burger as well as introduce the brand and our great tasting BUBBAs to new fans," Morris says. "The opening of our first location is a key milestone in the growth of the BUBBA burger brand and an exciting start as we expand BUBBA burger Grill to new markets."

Following the chain's initial four units in Jacksonville, Original BUBBA burger Grill plans to grow across the country with traditional restaurant locations as well as food courts, airport locations, college campuses, and sporting venues.  

In addition to the continued growth of corporate-owned locations, the Original BUBBA burger Grill is also focused on nationwide growth with select business partners.

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