Budderfly, the premier sustainability partner for businesses with repeatable footprints, announced that it has added 834 new customer sites to its portfolio of sustainable franchise restaurants so far this year, representing new brands including Checkers, Golden Corral, Five Guys, Culver’s, Del Taco, and Popeyes. Since January 2023, Budderfly has achieved nearly 200 percent growth in YoY bookings and now delivers Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions to more than 5,000 customer sites across the U.S. Across customer sites, Budderfly has saved over $25 million in energy costs to date.

Budderfly has also grown its team by approximately 46 percent to support its robust customer pipeline. As a testament to its continued growth, Budderfly was named to the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S., marking the company’s third consecutive ranking on the annual list. This year, Budderfly ranked No. 48 in the Energy category and No. 15 across the state of Connecticut.

“Growth matters for all businesses, and running a mid-market business in today’s economy is no small feat,” says Al Subbloie, chief executive officer and founder at Budderfly. “Continuous growth, sustained, and even amplified, year-over-year is an even greater challenge. Our commitment to our customers – to deliver outcomes through a comprehensive energy management solution, rather than providing them a singular, stagnant product – paired with our passion for innovation is instrumental in Budderfly’s ability to sustain above-average growth and meet the needs of thousands of businesses nationwide.”

Budderfly’s award-winning EaaS offering is a holistic, end-to-end solution that offers complete outsourced energy management to businesses with repeatable footprints. Budderfly upgrades and installs energy-efficient equipment – including new HVAC systems, air quality management, LED lighting, refrigeration, smart panels, sensors and controls, and solar – for its customers at zero upfront cost. Energy cost savings are generated from the energy-efficient upgrades, as well as from managing, monitoring, and optimizing Budderfly customers’ energy use and demand. Budderfly is actively expanding its technology solutions, including piloting an Ultra-High-Performance, heat pump-powered HVAC system. The system is already reducing energy consumption by approximately 70 percent, further reducing energy costs and emissions at customer sites.

Commenting on its offering, Budderfly customers have stated:

“For fast-paced franchises, implementing sustainable change is much easier said than done. Energy management is a full-time job, but so is running a restaurant,” says Amir Khan, an operator of Denny’s franchises throughout California. “Budderfly’s approach to energy efficiency not only puts sustainability upgrades within reach for franchise restaurants but also benefits our bottom line, allowing us to focus on delivering the best experience for our customers today and in the future.”

“My restaurant is in an older building that desperately needs new equipment—when I learned that Budderfly would install a new, high-performance HVAC at my store for zero out of pocket cost, the decision to sign with them became a quick no-brainer,” says Jacob Powell, owner of a Culver’s franchise in Louisville, Kentucky. “I’m a younger franchisee and understand the long-term benefits of energy efficiency improvements, especially with respect to operating costs and emissions reduction. I also really like the ability to track the performance of my equipment.”