Subway announced an addition to its roster of sandwiches that will be available for a limited time only, from September 25 to November 16.

The Buffalo Chicken submarine sandwich is a six-inch sub with seven grams of fat, fitting in with the variety of low-fat offerings available as part of the Subway Fresh Fit meal choices, which combine low-fat, six-inch submarine sandwiches with healthier sides, such as baked chips, apple slices, yogurt, diet drinks, or bottled water. In addition, the sandwich will be available as a $5 foot-long sub at participating locations.

“We take tender strips of chicken, tossed with a spicy Buffalo sauce and serve it on our fresh-baked bread with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, and top everything with a light creamy ranch dressing that not only provides the flavor profile a sandwich like this demands, but is also low-fat,” says Chris Martone, executive chef for the Subway brand. “We knew that creating a Buffalo Chicken submarine sandwich would raise expectations among our loyal customers, as well as fans of spicy Buffalo chicken dishes from around the country, so we were careful to create the ideal recipe using the perfect ingredients to make this a winner for both consumers who wanted to enjoy this as a full-flavor sandwich as well as those looking for low-fat meal options.”

The Buffalo Chicken sub is being introduced nationwide after extensive testing in selected markets where it was well received.

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