BUNN, a global manufacturer of dispensed beverage equipment, was honored with a Gold Award for Remote Equipment Management at the 2015 Connected World Awards for its partnership with Mesh Systems in the development of BUNNlink Wellness Program.  

“The 2015 Connected World Award winners are leveraging the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to transform the technology landscape,” says editorial director Peggy Smedley of Connected World magazine.  
The automated monitoring program was originally conceived by BUNN in 1995 as a proactive service management tool that could predict and prevent operational interruptions. It now utilizes IoT to connect commercial beverage equipment to a service command center. By embedding cellular technology within its equipment, BUNN has a direct view into individual machine performance, maintenance needs, and vital statistics, ensuring the highest quality uptime. “The resulting solution is the BUNNlink Wellness Program that aims to minimize equipment downtime and, therefore, maximize customer profit,” says Karalynn McDermott, senior vice president of Market Development for BUNN.  
BUNN partnered with Mesh Systems to innovate this best-in-class solution for the consumable beverage industry. Mesh Systems is an industry-leading IoT/Machine-to-Machine solutions company serving original equipment manufacturer customers across a wide variety of industries and applications. MeshVista, Mesh Systems’ IoT platform, supports millions of connected endpoints and allows leaders in their respective industries to offer a differentiated service solution that leverages cloud-to-machine communication. Machines, sensors, and devices can be managed and controlled in real-time to ensure the best possible level of service and uptime to end users.
 “We are truly excited about our growing capability to partner with progressive companies like Mesh Systems and offer new value to our customers through the deployment of  ‘smart’ technology in our products,” says Hy Bunn, CEO and president. “The ability to maximize optimal operating conditions, minimize downtime, and lower lifetime ownership costs all support our belief in offering customers the highest quality beverages and best overall value in dispensed beverage equipment.”
Doug Brune, chief operating officer at Mesh Systems, adds, “By harnessing the ‘Internet of Things’ to improve the customer experience with their equipment, BUNN is proving they stand at the forefront of their industry. This innovative approach to the core elements of maintenance and support demonstrates their pioneering spirit.”

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