Pickl, the award-winning UAE-founded burger brand, recently experimented with using ChatGPT, the advanced language model developed by OpenAI, to manage its social media accounts on Instagram and LinkedIn. The company conducted the trial from January 17 to January 31, with guidance from its social media team.

During the trial, Pickl’s social media team provided ChatGPT with descriptions of the content and instructions on tone for each post, with the goal of replicating Pickl’s usual distinctive voice on social media. The team hoped to increase efficiency and come up with new creative ideas through the use of ChatGPT.

The trial showed that while ChatGPT struggled to perfectly capture Pickl’s tone of voice and follow some of the instructions, it was useful in generating creative ideas and pushing the team in new directions. On one occasion, it was even caught in a lie – who knew AI could lie?!

Despite these challenges, Pickl saw a 42% increase on Instagram engagement rate over the previous two weeks, and a 48% increase on the number of engagements on LinkedIn vs the same number of posts previously.

Pickl plans to utilise ChatGPT in unique and creative ways in the future. For example, the brand is looking to host dinners where the menu will be crafted for each individual guest based on their likes and dislikes.

However, Pickl values its social media and marketing teams and recognizes that technology like ChatGPT can never replace the intelligence, humour, and humanity of its people. The trial was a testament to the company’s commitment to exploring new technologies to enhance its marketing efforts and provide the best possible experience for its customers, while also valuing its human workforce.

Pickl’s Comms Director Simon Ritchie comments, “We were excited to try out this cutting-edge technology and see how it could improve our social media strategy. While we found that it wasn’t quite ready to fully run our social media, we were impressed by its ability to spark new ideas and drive creativity. We were a bit surprised to see it caught in a lie, but I guess that’s an example of its realism! We look forward to incorporating it into our future marketing efforts in innovative ways, while also recognising the importance of our human workforce who have helped make Pickl the brand it is today.”

The Pickl team are available for further comment – however, we can’t promise it won’t be ChatGPT who drafts his responses though, like it did this press release.

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