McDonald’s restaurants in Chicago and Northwest Indiana are sponsoring the “Would you like some cash with that?” Scholarship Sweepstakes.

Conducted in 485 McDonald’s restaurants, the Scholarship Sweepstakes are being held in July and September of this year with cash awards—of $15,000 and $10,000—given during each of the two months. The sweepstakes campaign is placing heavy emphasis on encouraging winners to spend the money on college tuition or expenses.

“Although the sweepstakes are open to all U.S. legal residents of Illinois and Indiana, 15 years and older as of July 1, 2000, we are concentrating most of the promotion on the younger generation,” said Owner/Operator David Bear. “We believe that education is the golden key to open the door to their futures. McDonald’s has provided that key to many thousands of ‘now’ successful individuals and wants to play a critical role in this generation’s future.”

Mr. Bear pointed out that the Scholarship Sweepstakes are part of an overall McDonald’s program designed to communicate both the life skills learned while working at McDonald’s and how they can lead to a successful career.

“Each of our restaurants are making a conscious effort to improve the customer experience and this includes attracting younger people interested in education. We hope these young citizens will also see us in a different light,” Mr. Bear added.

The McDonald’s advertising and promotional campaign is focusing on print and broadcast media largely catering to Generation Y audiences. It also will be the first time McDonald’s restaurants in the Chicago area will be advertising in motion picture theaters.

Entry forms for the “Would you like cash with that?” Scholarship Sweepstakes are available at participating McDonald’s in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area. No purchase is necessary to enter.

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