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    Burger King Adopts RepliWeb Deployment

  • Industry News June 4, 2008
    RepliWeb, a leader in application infrastructure software for web/application deployment automation and managed file transfer software, announced that Burger King Corp. has selected RepliWeb Deployment to automate the distribution of critical business applications across its global IT infrastructure. Burger King Corp. has adopted standardization practices to accelerate access to IT resources across its global chain of restaurants. The company relies on RepliWeb’s enterprise-class software to deploy .NET applications and web server components, driving greater efficiency, reliability, and performance throughout its IT operations.

    In order to meet continued global growth, Burger King Corp. significantly scaled out its Web infrastructure and adopted well-defined standards throughout its IT operations. Burger King Corp.’s Web operations teams looked to RepliWeb to facilitate the rollout and ongoing updates of IIS6 Metabase and .NET applications.

    As part of its longer term vision to build an on-demand IT infrastructure, Burger King Corp. is embracing the deployment of SOA as a way to leverage IT as a utility and deliver services as organizational demands require. Burger King Corp. will look to RepliWeb to deploy new environments, code pushes, and web server updates.

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