Burger King Corporation today announced the endorsement of guidelines for
the humane treatment of food animals. The endorsed guidelines include the American Meat Institute (AMI)
Good Management Practices for Animal Handling and Stunning for cattle and swine; the United Egg
Producers (UEP) Animal Husbandry Guidelines for U.S. Egg Laying Flocks, and the National Chicken
Council (NCC) Animal Welfare Guidelines for broiler chickens.

Each of these sets of guidelines was reviewed by scientific and industry experts prior to adoption by their
respective industries.

“Endorsing these guidelines forms the foundation for our Animal Well-Being program as we move forward,”
said Tulin Tuzel, senior vice president, research and development and Chief Technology Officer of Burger
King Corporation. “The next step, working in concert with our Advisory Council, will be to identify specific
provisions within these guidelines which should be enhanced or qualified and to adopt procedures for
implementation and verification.”

Burger King Corporation formed the Animal Well-Being Advisory Council last fall, comprised of such
nationally-recognized experts in the field as Dr. Temple Grandin, Ph.D. from Colorado State University;
Professor Janice Swanson, Kansas State University, and Professor David Fraser, Ph.D. from The University
of British Columbia.

Burger King Corporation has required its suppliers to comply with the Federal Humane Slaughter Act since
the inception of the act.

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