Starting November 16, Burger King Corp. will help bring the themes of adventure and exploration to kids through a series of “Planet 51” premiums available with BK Positive Steps Kids Meal options, such as a two-pack of BK Burger Shots, BK Fresh Apple Fries, and Hershey’s fat free milk. The premiums, available through a joint promotion with Columbia Pictures, will be available at Burger King restaurants beginning November 16; the film will be released November 20.

Capturing the characters and gadgets from the movie, one of six toys will accompany each BK Kids Meal while supplies last. Toys such as the film’s “Rover” character and “Planet 51 Animator,” which features scenes from the film, all invite interactive play and bring the film to life.

“We know what kids are going to love and in developing our promotions, Burger King Corp. always strives to identify and partner with properties that will resonate with them,” says Cindy Syracuse, senior director of cultural marketing for Burger King Corp. “Programs like ‘Planet 51’ allow us to bring the adventure and comedy of one of this fall’s hottest films beyond the big screen and into restaurants.”

The promotion will be supported by in-restaurant merchandising, national TV advertising, and a “Planet 51” game on Burger King Corp.’s kid Web site. The television advertisements feature the animated characters from the film squaring off in a staring contest with the “Planet 51 Humaniac” toy. Starting November 16, kids who visit can play “Space Match,” a game that incorporates the characters from the movie and tests players’ memory.

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