Burger King will introduce its BK™ Breakfast Value Menu nationwide on February 19. The menu of 10 offerings starting at $1 each will include: Cheesy Tots; three-piece French Toast Sticks; Sausage Biscuit; small Hash Browns; Cini-minis; small BK JOE® coffee in regular, decaf and turbo-strength; white or chocolate 10-ounce milk; 16-ounce soft drink; orange juice; and the new Hamlette sandwich.

The new sandwich features thinly sliced ham, melted American cheese, and fluffy egg, topped with honey butter and served on a sesame seed bun. Another addition, the Cheesy Tots, bite-size portions of melted mozzarella and cheddar cheeses inside a golden, crispy potato crust. The tots will be available all day in six-, nine- and twelve-piece portions.

The BK™ Breakfast Value Menu is a permanent addition to the Burger King menu and will be available at all participating restaurants beginning February 19 during local restaurant breakfast hours.

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