New York, NY—June 17, 2002—According to the Strait Times Burger King has joined with its number one competitor McDonald’s and several other food and foodservice company to create a program designed to educate consumers about healthy eating habits and better living. In two weeks the program, codenamed “Activate”, is expected to launch an online marketing campaign, to soon be followed by print and television ads.

Those involved with the program, including companies like Unilever and Coca-Cola, say that the industry-funded organization was not created to stave possible class actions suits as some have suggested.

“It is designed to help kids between the ages of nine and twelve, and their parents, to improve their eating and activity,” Michael Mudd, a senior vice-president at Kraft Foods told the media.

Total cost of the upcoming campaign for each of the twelve companies involved in “Activate”? Two hundred thousand dollars.

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