Burger King Corporation today announced that FoxKids.com, a popular Web sites for children ages 6-14, will offer kids the chance to play “Burger Blitz,” an exclusive Burger King game on the Fox Kids’ site. This interactive game allows kids to “click and drag” Whopper® ingredients to build their favorite burger.

A coupon for a free medium Frozen Coca-Cola® pops up on the screen at the completion of the game that can be redeemed at participating Burger King restaurants with the purchase of any Kids Meal or Burger King Big Kids Meal). This game is available on the FoxKids.com site now through January 11. The redeemable coupon is valid through January 18, 2001, at participating restaurants in the U.S.

“We know how relevant the Internet is in kids’ lives today,” said Cindy Syracuse, director of interactive and adult promotions for Burger King Corporation. “This innovative promotion reaches out to an important audience for the Burger King system and combines a fun, interactive game with our great-tasting Kids Meals and a free Frozen Coca-Cola®.”

“This is our first online game with a major QSR,” said Matt Turner, Vice President, AD Sales, FoxKids.com. “We’re very excited to be partnering with Burger King Corporation and offering kids a fun interactive addition to the Fox Kids’ site as well as an added value coupon driving kids back to Burger King restaurants.”

The promotion will be supported with banner advertising on FoxKids.com. FoxKids will also support the promotion with television tags.

FoxKids.com is a Web sites for kids ages 6-14. The Web site empowers kids through an action-adventure interactive environment including games and online animated shorts. FoxKids.com, Inc. is a Fox Family Worldwide company. It leverages the multi-platform offline kid holdings of its parent including Fox Kids Network, Fox Family Channel, Fox Kids Club, Fox Kids.

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