Have you ever heard of the Stevenage Football Club? Probably not—they play in the English soccer fourth division. But, the Burger King brand has heard of them. In fact, the brand sponsors the soccer club and is launching the “Stevenage Challenge,” a series of challenges for soccer fans that, if completed, will reward participants with menu favorites like the Whopper sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, and Chicken Fries for free only through Uber Eats.

The goal? To turn possibly the smallest team in the real world into the biggest club in the online gaming world.

The challenges range from simply scoring a goal to the nearly impossible, scoring from a corner kick. All with the new Burger King sponsored Stevenage F.C. shirt on.

Soccer and Burger King fans alike can complete the set of challenges listed at www.stevenagechallenge.com. All they have to do is share footage on Twitter of their great soccer feats, and in return they’ll get a free menu item, while delivery code supplies last.

Whether fans take on the “A Nutmeg for Nuggets” or “Impossible for Impossible Whopper” challenge, some have proven to be difficult, forcing fans to find other, more creative ways to complete them.

“It’s almost 2020 and the Internet community is still surprising me,” says Fernando Machado, Global CMO of the Burger King brand, when he found out fans have already been sharing their new Stevenage Kit online. “The “Stevenage Challenge” is here to welcome everyone, because thanks to technology, this could be everyone’s team too,” adds Machado.

So, are you ready to sweat (or not) for BK rewards in the name of Stevenage F.C.? The Stevenage Challenge runs until October 23, 2019 in participating markets only through Uber Eats.

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