Burger King Corporation announced today that it will bolster and
greatly enhance its alliances with two entertainment industry giants, DreamWorks SKG and

The company will sign a first-of-its kind alliance with DreamWorks to jointly promote the world’s top
animated and live-action films and a major multi-platform partnership with Nickelodeon, the
number one entertainment brand for kids.

“We are proud to be associated with the most creative, innovative giants in the entertainment
industry,” said executive vice president and chief global marketing officer, Chris Clouser.
“Together, we have designed a mutually beneficial partnership through which Burger King gains
access to the world’s leading creative talent, and DreamWorks and Nickelodeon gain access to the
millions of customers who come through our doors each and every day.”

“This is a history making partnership for DreamWorks and Burger King. This is our first alliance
with a major corporate brand and marketer,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-principal of DreamWorks.
“Burger King Corporation’s new management, led by John Dasburg, has a clear vision and a
commitment to innovation and, together, we are destined to have an extraordinary partnership. We’ll
be working closely with them to develop a range of premium and promotion programs, even

“Nickelodeon and Burger King have enjoyed tremendous success in delivering some of the
industry’s most successful and high-profile entertainment and promotions for kids. This alliance
will further strengthen our partnership, and enable us to create contemporary and innovative
multi-media campaigns with Burger King,” said Herb Scannell, president of Nickelodeon.

Burger King Corporation’s new strategic alliance with film industry leader DreamWorks
encompasses five theatrical animated releases, starting with “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”,
DreamWorks event release scheduled for next Memorial weekend, and first rights to all future live
action, television, music and home entertainment properties, according to Clouser.

“We’ve constructed an alliance that gives us the benefit of an exclusive partnership but enables us to pursue additional entertainment
opportunities and sponsorships,” he said. “We will have access to the groundbreaking creative resources for which DreamWorks is
noted along with a host of upcoming projects and film properties,” he said.

Burger King and Nickelodeon: From Kids Meals to Live Entertainment

Burger King has strengthened its five-year, category-exclusive relationship with Nickelodeon, the number one entertainment brand for
kids and highest rated network for kids and adults for six consecutive years. The deal comes on the heels of highly successful
promotions: SpongeBob SquarePants, the 2001 Kids’ Choice Awards and Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

The 2002 plans include expanded Kids Meal and Big Kids Meal programs as well as a multi-market live entertainment tour; a heavily
integrated program with Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards and the Kids Choice Viewers Guide and sponsorship of Nickelodeon’s
GAS (Games and Sports) Network.

“This is a top-to-bottom initiative that gives us broad entertainment industry access and coverage,” said Clouser. “We’re on-air, online,
in print and in-market with the brands that kids know and love.”

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