Burger King Corporation announced today that it has selected a site in the Waterford Office complex in Miami for its World Headquarters location. The new building will be constructed at the intersection of Red Road and Blue Lagoon and will be ready for occupancy in July 2002.

“This new building came to our attention rather recently and we took some time to evaluate it versus remaining in our existing building,” said Dennis Malamatinas, chief executive officer of Burger King Corporation.

The new building will be approximately 210,000 to 230,000 square feet in size and will be a single occupancy building, with Burger King Corporation as the only tenant. Additionally, the Building will be named the Burger King World Headquarters Building.

“We chose this site because it offers Burger King a more updated and modern infrastructure with more functionality and lower total occupancy costs than our existing building,” Malamatinas said. “The upgraded features of the new building will be very important in making sure that Burger King has the right tools in place to continue growing this brand.”

Burger King Corporation said that it plans to remain in its existing building, located at 17777 Old Cutler Road, through its current lease, which expires in September 2002.

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