Burger King is no stranger to bold spice and flavor, bringing guests recent menu items like Fiery Nuggets, Spicy Chicken Fries, the Ghost Pepper Whopper sandwich, and years of other spicy innovations. This summer, BK is once again inviting guests to embrace the heat and fan the flames of an all-new Fiery Menu.

Available nationwide for a limited time starting July 18, the Fiery Menu offers five all new BK menu items – varying from entrees to snacking – that are sure to have everyone feeling the heat. With spice levels ranging from mild to wild, these menu additions make it easy for heat seekers to have it their way. The complete Fiery Menu lineup includes:

  • Fiery Strawberry & Sprite (Spice Level 1): Sprite® taken up a notch with a Fiery strawberry puree for a refreshing sip with just enough kick to leave you wanting more.  An exclusive first of its kind at BK.
  • Fiery Mozzarella Fries (Spice Level 2): Available in four, eight and 12 pieces, enjoy the new fry-shaped mozzarella sticks filled with melty mozzarella cheese and peppers that are fried until crispy and kicked up a notch with Fiery Calabrian pepper breading for our ultimate flavor and heat.
  • Fiery Bacon Whopper (Spice Level 3): The Fiery Bacon Whopper features 1/4 lb  flame-grilled beef with crispy Fiery-seasoned bacon, pepper jack cheese, juicy tomatoes, crispy lettuce and a creamy Fiery sauce – all on a toasted sesame seed bun.
  • Fiery Chicken Fries (Spice Level 4): Available in four, eight and 12 pieces, the iconic crispy white meat Chicken Fries are marinated with a Fiery seasoning and coated in savory garlic and pepper breading.
  • Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Spice Level 5): This chicken sandwich features a crispy white meat breast filet coated with a Fiery glaze and topped with crispy Fiery-seasoned bacon, pepper jack cheese, juicy tomatoes, crispy lettuce and creamy Fiery sauce – all on a toasted bun.

“We know that our Guests crave spice packed full of flavor when they come to BK, but spice looks different for everybody,” says Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America. “As a brand that is built on letting Guests “Have It Your Way,” we’re excited to offer a range of products that appeal to everyone – from those who want just a little kick to those who can’t get enough heat.”

And, for those looking for the perfect accompaniment to sooth those spicy sensations, Burger King is now offering Hidden Valley Ranch dip cups, which are included with orders of the new Fiery Mozzarella Fries and Fiery Chicken Fries. Unlike the Fiery Menu that will be offered for a limited time, Hidden Valley Ranch is here to stay and available to add to any order nationwide.  Whether you dip it, dunk it or pour it, Hidden Valley Ranch makes for a delicious addition to any order, whether Fiery or simply flame-grilled.

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