Burger King Corporation today announced the launch of its instant
win “Cash Is King” promotion with almost $2 million in cash prizes along with tens of millions of great
tasting food prizes, available at participating U.S. restaurants Oct. 1-28, or while game piece supplies
last. Game pieces will be affixed to large and king-size fry cartons, 22- and 32-ounce paper cups, and
32- and 42- ounce plastic cups. Burger King® customers peel the labels back to win cash, free
food or free upsizing immediately.

“This game is unique as it gives Burger King® customers immediate, on- the-spot redemption for
outstanding prizes,” said Chris Clouser, executive vice president and chief global marketing officer for
Burger King Corporation. “The odds of winning are very favorable one-in-three, with chances of
winning doubled when customers purchase a large or king size Burger King® value meal. We are
making this a very attractive and generous game for Burger King® customers.”

One $1 million prize is available, 100,000 customers can win $5 prizes, and almost half a million
others can walk away with $1 prizes instantly. Fifty million food and frozen Coca-Cola® prizes will also
be offered.

The game, which was developed by Surge at Draft Worldwide and its subsidiary, D.L. Blair, has been
created with the highest level of security and scrutiny from independent legal counsel and
independent auditors.

The Burger King® “Cash Is King” game will be promoted on air as well as with in-restaurant
merchandising. Complete game rules and instructions are posted in each restaurant. As with all
prizes associated with this game, the last day to claim the $1 million prize is December 31, 2001. Who
will ring in New Year’s Day 2002 as the million dollar winner?

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