National Donut Day is here, which means brands and Americans will be celebrating one of the most iconic fried foods ever. So, what can the Burger King brand, which has been flame-grilling since 1954, do in a day that’s all about fried donuts?

Apparently, cut a hole inside the Whopper to create the Whopper Donut, the first flame-grilled donut ever. And if you were wondering what happens with that middle cut-out piece (aka “donut hole”), well, it comes as a “free” mini slider.

The Whopper Donut, alongside its fellow “free” mini slider, will only be available on June 1, National Donut Day, at five locations in the U.S.—in Boston, Miami, L.A., New York City and Salt Lake City. Here are the specific locations:

  • 128 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 1100—5th Street, Miami Beach, Florida.
  • 1601 N. Hacienda Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.
  • 327 West 42nd Street, New York City, New York.
  • 2450 S 1900 W, Salt Lake City, Utah

For those guests who are not able to go to one of the participating restaurants, there’s BuzzFeed’s Tasty, the largest social food network that’s famous for their hit recipe videos. Tasty is creating one of their signature recipe videos to teach people how they can make their own flame-grilled Whopper Donut.

The great majority of donuts are deep-fried, but the Burger King brand found a way to offer guests a very different alternative on National Donut Day. This surprising product “innovation” proves once again that flame-grilling can make anything better. And all it took to do it was a cookie cutter.

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