Burger King Corporation today announced an exclusive Under-Three Toddler Toy Program that will be implemented permanently in all U.S. Burger King restaurants beginning January 15, 2001. The premiums, developed with Sassy®, an award winning manufacturer of developmental infant and toddler toys, will be rotated throughout the year and will feature 16 different designs. The toys will be produced by Alcone, Burger King Corporation’s promotional agency of record and the manufacturer of the toys, working in tandem with Sassy’s child development expert consultants. In its four years of existence, the Sassy® retail brand has earned a 64 percent awareness among moms. Recent U.S. census figures estimate that there are 15.2* million children in the U.S. ages three and under, with 3.9** million born each year

“This Under-Three Toddler Toy program allows us to build on the success of our kids marketing efforts,” said Richard Taylor, vice-president, USA Marketing for Burger King Corporation. “We can design new and more sophisticated premiums for older children, and, at the same time, we can make sure that children under three years old receive fun, smart toys with tremendous play and educational value appropriate for their age.”

Sassy® toys are designed by child development experts so they meet the four critical stages of a child’s development: moving & exploring, interacting & feeling, communicating & talking, and thinking & learning.

“The goal of the Under Three Toddler Toy program is to tie into an established infant/preschool brand to create a specific range of toys designed and recommended for children under the age of three. These toys, available beginning January 15th, will have a recognizable quality and safety endorsement with parents,” said Taylor.

“Over the years, our kids marketing programs have continued to evolve to offer larger, higher-quality toys with superior functions,” said Cindy Syracuse, director of National Promotions for Burger King Corporation. “With an established Under Three Premium Program, we can deliver quality toys that cater to younger children without compromising the functionality of the toys that big kids love. We are pleased to be working with Sassy to develop these toys.”

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