BurgerFi's SWAG Burger Becomes Permanent Menu Item

    Industry News | July 6, 2021

    After getting rave reviews from guests and enjoying nationwide success, the SWAG Burger is staying on the menu for good. The flavor packed SWAG Burger, which stands for Spicy Wagyu Burger, will join the CEO Burger as another premium wagyu and brisket blend burger on the core menu available at all BurgerFi locations nationwide.  After first launching in March of 2021, it quickly became one of the top selling premium burgers on the menu. It nearly doubled premium wagyu burger sales and due to the overwhelmingly positive consumer feedback, the limited-time promotion, which was originally supposed to end in in May, was extended until the end of June, followed by the decision to make it a permanent item starting the first week of July.

    "It all starts with having a great concept and product created by our very own Chef Paul Griffin.  In the midst of all the buzz around the spicy chicken wars, we felt that changing it up with a spicy premium burger was the right product at the right time. Our company and franchise restaurant teams overcame labor and staffing challenges and did a great job executing the product and delivering a great guest experience," says Henry Gonzalez, CMO of Burgerfi.

    The SWAG burger consists of a Double Wagyu and Brisket Blend Burger, Charred Jalapeños, Candied Ghost Pepper Bacon, Sweet Tomato Relish, Pepper Jack Cheese and Hot Steak Sauce.

    Commenting on the approach to the launch, Henry Gonzalez says, "I joined the team to help bring a more consumer and data driven approach to how we market the brand. So we did a few things differently with this promotional product. SWAG was the first product to be concept tested to optimize the name, build and we tested various price points to gauge elasticity. When it was clear we had a winner, our marketing team and agency partners did a great job taking the marketing to a whole new level. We launched with a strong PR effort, bolstered support across digital platforms, testing various creative executions to optimize campaign performance. Fortunately, all things came together well to deliver a successful product that drove guest satisfaction and increased profitability for our restaurants. When it was clear it had the potential of becoming a mainstay on the menu, we even tested it under that scenario by de-emphasizing promotional support and treating it like a regular menu item. It continued to perform which led to the decision to make it a permanent item."

    The SWAG Burger is only one of three LTO items to go from limited time to permanent at BurgerFi. BurgerFi's famed CEO Burger and the Banana Churro Shake were both added as permanent fixtures to the menu after successful limited-time campaigns.

    "As part of our mission to redefine the way the world eats burgers, we're always trying to push the envelope and offer a unique experience. We used a premium wagyu beef and seared the jalapenos into the beef instead of layering them on top, and used a candied ghost pepper bacon which takes longer to make but so worth it. When these nuances all come together, it creates magic. We love when LTO's have such a huge demand that they turn into staples. It gives us additional motivation and drive to get creative and push the boundaries of the typical fast-casual burger chain," says Paul Griffin, Chief Culinary Officer of BurgerFi.

    The SWAG Burger is available in all restaurants, online and through the BurgerFi app, as well as through third party delivery, at participating locations. 

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