Burgerville, an iconic quick-service restaurant chain in Oregon and Southwest Washington, is now pairing local beers and wines with its new gourmet seasonal offerings at its Salmon Creek restaurant location. Beers and wines from a select group of local wineries and breweries have been carefully chosen by an internationally renowned sommelier, Christine Tran, to complement new menu items such as the upcoming May Grilled Asparagus and Tomato Melt and Asparagus Fries.

The local wine offerings include the Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir, O’Reilly Pinot Gris, and the Eyrie Vineyards Chardonnay. Burgerville also capitalized on the area’s abundant breweries like the Widmer Brothers Brewery and the Full Sail Brewing Co. and sought the best complement to seasonal and regular menu items such as the Wild Smoked Salmon Salad and the Spicy Anasazi Bean Burger. The selected beers include Widmer Hefeweizen, Full Sail Amber and Terminal Gravity ESG. There is a two-drink limit for all guests over 21 years old.

CEO Jeff Harvey is taking Burgerville’s approach of offering fresh, locally sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients to the next level, by adding two gourmet, seasonal food combination’s and the sale of local beer and wine to its menu. While others in the foodservice industry are focusing on value menus, Burgerville is focusing on delivering high-quality, gourmet dining options, at value prices, all to enhance the Burgerville guest experience.

The introduction of seasonal, gourmet menu items began in February with the Yukon & White Bean Basil Burger vegetarian patty, supplied by Chez Gourmet, a local Wilsonville, Oregon-based company. A Rosemary Chicken Sandwich and Rosemary Shoestring Potatoes were available throughout the month of March, and in April, guests have enjoyed a Spinach Florentine Breakfast Pastry as well as a Spring Spinach and Chicken Salad.

With these new, seasonal gourmet food items and local beer and wine offerings, Burgerville is not only catering to their current guests ever-changing tastes, the chain is answering the demand of their younger consumers who want the convenience and cost savings of quick service with the quality and uniqueness of a more high-end gourmet establishment. Today’s 20-somethings share Burgerville’s eco-minded sentiments and are looking for healthy dining options, and authentic and diverse menu selections.

Locally produced menu offerings such as the Grilled Asparagus Tomato Melt continue Burgerville’s tradition and commitment of featuring ingredients from the area’s local farmers and ranchers. Burgerville believes that fresh, locally sourced ingredients make for better-tasting menu items and healthier communities and by serving locally-grown, sustainably produced ingredients in each of their 39 restaurants, Burgerville continues to aid in the prosperity of the local region.

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