Burgerville announced an entire shake menu revamp to go hyper-local, keeping nearly $400,000 in the regional food economy. The new menu will continue to supply customers with a variety of delicious shake choices that are now made with ingredients that pay homage to artisanal and fresh products of the Pacific Northwest.

“Our goal was to celebrate the best flavors of our wonderful region by replacing artificial and non-local ingredients with those that are locally sourced and natural,” says Jamie Powell, senior vice president of menu design and development. “We spent months collaborating with some amazing partners to create our everyday shake menu. The high-quality ingredients create flavor that really shines through and we’re excited for our fans to find their new favorite.”

Shakes start with a base of either ice cream, made with whole milk and heavy cream from Alpenrose Dairy, or a plant-based ice cream from Eugene-based Coconut Bliss. Burgerville’s everyday shake offerings will feature 100 percent locally grown or produced ingredients from like-minded partners including, Portland Roasting, Pacific Northwest strawberry farms, like Liepold Farms, Seely Mint, Holy Kakow and Ground Up PDX.

Burgerville debuts its new hyper-local milkshake menu on October 10. The new frosty treats are: 

  • Classic Chocolate: Organic chocolate sauce made in small batches by hand from Portland’s Holy Kakow delivers a flavor upgrade to this menu standard.
  • Sweet Cream: Produced by Alpenrose Dairy, Burgerville’s new milkshake formula is the star of the shake program featuring whole milk and heavy cream. This simple shake is lightly sweetened, extra rich and creamy.
  • Oregon Strawberry: Previously available only seasonally, Oregon Strawberry is now made year-round thanks to flash-freezing berries from growers such as Liepold Farms in Boring, Oregon. The berries are harvested at peak season to ensure optimal sweetness and nutrition. By adding this berry delight to the permanent menu, Burgerville expects to use up to 75,000 pounds of Oregon fruit per year.
  • Mint Patty: Heirloom, locally grown peppermint oil and peppermint patties are the star of the new fresh Mint Patty Shake. Both are made on-site at Seely Farm, a fourth-generation mint farm growing premium quality peppermint and spearmint in Clatskanie, Oregon.
  • Portland Cold Brew: This shake gets its jolt from a concentrated cold brew from Portland Roasting, a long-time Burgerville coffee partner that went carbon-neutral in 2007 and practices sustainability around the globe.
  • Hazelnut Chocolate: Oregon-grown hazelnuts are made into a rich nut butter that gives this shake its deep-roasted flavor and creamy texture. The butters are provided by Ground Up PDX, a not-just-for-profit company helping get formerly homeless and trafficked women back on their feet.
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