Burgerville’s seasonal, gourmet offerings support self-reliant communities in the areas that the chain serves with restaurants. And the latest, limited-time offer has been inspired by Burgerville’s latest Community Champion, artisan cheese maker Ignazio (Ig) Vella of Rogue Creamery, an artisan cheese company whose people are dedicated to sustainability and the art and tradition of making the world’s finest handmade cheese.

Rogue Creamery was founded in 1935 and has been a Burgerville partner since 2005.

The new Echo Mountain Blue Burger features:

• Rogue Creamery’s Echo Mountain Blue Cheese – a limited edition, award‐winning cheese which recently took 1st place in the Mixed Milk Category during the American Cheese Society’s 2010 Annual Cheese Competition.

• A quarter pound, Country Natural Beef patty which comes fresh, never frozen, with no added hormones or antibiotics. Country Natural Beef is raised on a 100 percent vegetarian diet from an Oregon founded co‐op of family owned and operated ranches who practice sustainable ranch management.

• A toasted, Franz Bakery sweet onion hamburger bun.

• A wedge of fresh red pepper, roasted in our restaurants with fresh leaf lettuce and red onion slices.

• House made red pepper aioli, a gourmet mayonnaise with chopped garlic, lemon juice and red peppers.

Burgerville is donating a portion of the sales from every Echo Mountain Blue Burger sold during this six‐week promotion to the American Cheese Education Foundation, an organization created to educate people about the art and science of artisanal and specialty cheeses. Regionally, proceeds will help support the Seattle Cheese Festival, Portland Wedge, Oregon Cheese Festival, and California Cheese Festival.

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