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    Burrito Buddy To Roll Out in June

  • Industry News May 7, 2008
    The Burrito Buddy, a new product aimed to keep tables clean when customers enjoy a stuffed burrito, will roll out nation wide next month.

    Burrito Buddy The Burrito Buddy's inventor, Adam Gold, created the disposable prop to support the sometimes-messy burrito and keep the ingredients in the burrito and not on tables or desks. “I love burritos and would get them for lunch at least twice a week,” Gold says. “Back when I had a desk job, I would bring my burrito back to my office and try to slowly savor the Mexican goodness, but when the phone would ring or an important e-mail would pop-up I would have no where to put my burrito without making a mess. I feel like we’ve all been there.”

    Burrito Buddy’s package design is marketed toward Mexican fast-casuals and quick-serves. It supports the burrito when customers want to put it down without having the fillings fall out.