BizBuySell announced the enhanced BizBuySell Valuation Report.

The Valuation Report serves as a comprehensive online tool available to value a business. Valuations are based on nearly 32,000 sold comparables and 50,000 for-sale listings on

The new report, which can be sampled on the BizBuySell Valuation Report landing page, uses three distinct methods to generate valuations: the average of comparable company asking and sale prices; cash flow multiples; and gross income multiples.

For each generated report, users can specify a business by industry and location, and later refine their search by gross income, cash flow, sale/asking price, and sale/listed date. The site catalogs more than 80 different business categories spanning across the U.S. and Canada. A full-text keyword search also provides for even narrower business selections.

“This is an immensely beneficial service for current or prospective business owners who want powerful pricing insight on buying or selling their business,” says Mike Handelsman, general manager of BizBuySell. “The Valuation Report is truly consumer-oriented. The more an individual interacts with the report for narrower selection criteria, the more precise the asking price.”
The interactive nature of the Valuation Report allows the report buyer to set filters on comparables to get a more accurate valuation. For example, a report buyer may want the valuation to be based on listings from a certain geographic area, for a certain type of business, or with revenues that fall within a certain range. Valuations can then be recalculated at any time, and there is no limit to the number of times that the report filters can be changed.

Valuation Report pricing–starting at $19.95–is based on the number of sold comparables available for an individual report, which is quantitatively detailed prior to purchasing.

There is a 30-day access period to view report data, in which comparables can also be printed and incorporated into presentations. While details for up to 50 individual sold businesses are available, users may also contact the business owner of active for-sale listings.

Approximately 800 new comparables are added into the BizBuySell database on a monthly basis.

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