More than 83 percent of foodies say they’ll pay more for at least some organic or all-natural foods, according to a recent survey from Healthbuzz, a new go-to resource for nutrition and wellness information and inspiration launched by Foodbuzz.

Knowing where food comes from and what goes into the foods people consume was an important trend in the survey results. For example, 69 percent of foodies surveyed “always” read the nutrition panels of foods that they purchase. In addition, the majority of foodies surveyed (83 percent) believe locally grown food to be generally healthier.

The importance of a food’s source is also significant when foodies dine out. An overwhelming 96 percent of foodies like knowing where a restaurant’s food comes from, which is underscored by the increasing number of restaurants including this type of information on their menus.

“From nutrition labels to restaurant menus, our research shows that people, now more than ever, are looking for information that reassures them that they are making informed choices about food, nutrition, and overall wellness,” says Ryan Stern, director of community and managing editor of Foodbuzz. “And that’s the thinking behind Healthbuzz – leveraging the platform of the largest online food community to provide a hub where people can find relevant tools from nutrition experts and wellness enthusiasts alike to help them achieve a healthful balance in their day to day life.”

Twelve bloggers, including registered dieticians and nutritionists, will serve as Healthbuzz featured editors, providing expert advice on subjects such as diet and nutrition, healthy recipes, specialty diets, and fitness, all connected to a central theme.

This month, featured editor Nancy Oliveira, a Boston-based registered dietician and publisher of blog Fit Mama Eats, provides content on children’s health. Additional real time health and wellness content from more than 500 Healthbuzz contributing editors, also Foodbuzz partner bloggers, will be featured on Healthbuzz as well.

“Healthbuzz is the perfect addition to Foodbuzz,” says Nour E-Zibdeh, R.D., a Healthbuzz featured editor and publisher of Practical Nutrition. “I’m excited to be a Healthbuzz editor … to show our readers that food can be delicious and healthy at the same time. No one needs to sacrifice taste for nutrition.”

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