Buzzed Bull Creamery is a made-to-order, alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen dessert and coffee company. They are dedicated to providing an exclusive product in a comfortable atmosphere for guests who seek a pleasurable and unique experience outside of bars and restaurants. They offer a fun and friendly place the community can sit down and enjoy a one-of-kind experience. Buzzed Bull Creamery’s goal is to provide a warm and inviting place the local community can connect, a place where you welcome new neighbors but see familiar faces. Buzzed Bull Creamery aims to create a community-driven following that encourages growth and support. The team will strive to connect themselves on a professional and personal level at every opportunity.

By offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen desserts there is something for everyone. It’s not only a place to get authentic delicious frozen desserts for the whole family, it’s also an experience. Kids and adults alike love the smoke that the nitrogen creates. Adults can enjoy their favorite cocktail transformed (starting at ABV 5 percent) while kids are captivated by the mad scientist experiment to create their custom ice cream.

Buzzed Bull has been working with Emerging Franchises to expand nationally. Being the first creamery to infuse alcohol into ice cream using liquid nitrogen throughout the United States, it’s a unique, fun, one of a kind opportunity. This past week an agreement has been signed with franchisees, Harry and Sandra Papanikolaou, to grow in North Carolina. Buzz Bull is excited to expand throughout the United States and to bring their delicious product to the people of North Carolina.

The Buzzed Bull Creamery will be located at 3224 N. College Road, Wilmington, North Carolina. Harry and Sandra have recently signed an agreement with Roll On In Sushi Burritos and Bowls. The locations will be next door to each other.

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