Buffalo Wild Wings has announced that it will introduce a drinks and dessert menu on May 31. According to the company, this is BWW’s first such effort.

“We decided to enter the drinks and dessert arena because our customers,
especially our female customers, craved either a fire-quenching drink or a
drink that heated things up,” Kathy Alberga, BWW’s svp marketing, said in a statement. “They also wanted something sweet for post-
wing enjoyment. We developed each drink and dessert
with an eye toward our motto of ‘We Can’t Stand Bland,’ and I believe we
succeeded in creating a menu that offers an incredible variety of taste

The new drinks portion of the menu includes Martinis (Apple,
Cosmopolitan, Blue, and Classic), Classics (Wild Bloody Mary,
Island Iced Tea, Melonade, and Captain & Coke), Margaritas (Original, Berry,
Premium, and Blue), Specialty (Frozen Screwdriver, Frozen Mai Tai, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri), and Wine (a selection of red or white by the glass or
by the bottle). The Buffalo Wild Wings
Bloody Mary can be spiced up by the customer’s choice of one of the
restaurant’s 12 signature sauces.

The dessert menu includes New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake with
Ice Cream, and Deep Dish Apple Pie served a la Mode.

According to the company, the new drinks and dessert menu will be displayed in a new table caddy along
with the salt, pepper, and ketchup. The desserts will be supported by
additional point-of-sale materials.

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