In celebration of the highly anticipated Shark Week on Discovery Channel, California Tortilla is having a special promotion featuring one of its signature items, fish tacos. Guests who purchase a fish taco on Thursday, July 28, will receive a free Discovery Channel Shark Week fin hat. Fish taco enthusiasts who return on Wednesday, August 3, wearing their distinguished Shark Week fin hat will receive a free taco with any California Tortilla purchase. These one-of-a-kind toppers are a necessity for the ultimate Shark Week viewing experience, which begins Sunday, July 31, at 9 p.m.on the Discovery Channel. 
Based on the suggestion of a loyal Facebook fan, California Tortilla is putting its customers to the ultimate Shark Week challenge of snapping a picture of Washington Nationals outfielder, Robert Bernadina – known by fans as “The Shark” – eating a fish taco. The five best photos to accomplish this feat will win free burritos for a year. 
“Fish tacos are an incredibly popular and delicious menu item,” says Stacey Kane, director of marketing for California Tortilla. “We view Shark Week as the perfect opportunity to have them in the spotlight and awaken a new crowd of CalTort fish taco fans. We also love the ongoing participation of our Facebook community, who encouraged us to add Robert Bernadina to the mix.” 

In addition to the in-store promotion, the fin-inspired fun will extend to the web. Discovery Channel is giving away California Tortilla catering to 10 fans with top-rated pictures of how they celebrate in the Shark Week Photo Frenzy. California Tortilla will also award free burritos for a year to the customer who posts the best Shark Week fin hat picture to the California Tortilla Facebook page. Shark Week fans can also connect with other shark-lovers through the Shark Week Facebook page and on Twitter by following @SharkWeek.

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