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    Can Cupcakes Make Nice with Cinnabons?

  • Industry News February 19, 2010
    Cinnabon announced that it is introducing a new line of cupcakes.

    "Cupcakes are well-known and well-loved, you can enjoy them sitting down or on-the-go, and they fit perfectly with our current baked goods and specialty beverages," says Cinnabon president Gary Bales. "We went back to our roots and worked with the creator of our famous Classic Roll to bring our new product line to life. We spent a full year testing 556 different recipes and a secret ingredient to get our cupcakes just right—meaning they're moist, irresistible, high-quality, and worthy of the Cinnabon name."

    The new line includes four flavors: Cinnacake Classic, Chocolate Passion, Vanilla Bliss, and 24-Carrot Cake.

    Special flavors and designs will also be featured throughout the year. Cinnabon cupcakes come as individual servings and in four-count, half-dozen, and dozen packs, making them perfect for parties or gifts (prices vary by location). Many domestic mall-based Cinnabon bakeries already have cupcakes, with the rest scheduled to begin serving them between now and mid-March.

    "We're the first national mall-based brand to make freshly-baked cupcakes in our bakeries on a daily basis," Bales says. "Our motto is that Life Needs Frosting, so Cinnabon cupcakes are the perfect way to put a little frosting on your day. Even if you don't want to eat them fresh out of the oven, they're still moist for days after you leave the bakery.”

    In addition to celebrating its 25th anniversary with new cupcakes, Cinnabon has also marked this milestone by updating its color palette and showcasing the baking process to convey a sleek, modern, boutique image.

    "We want Cinnabon to be the place where Guests want to take a moment for themselves," Bales says. "Cinnabon has been serving delicious products and extraordinary experiences resulting in total 'Wow!' reactions for the past 25 years. The overall look of our bakeries should elicit the same response, so it all starts with presenting ourselves in a way that is welcoming and appealing to our guests."