Industry News | July 16, 2010

Canadian Burger Kings Move on Child Obesity

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Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. announced its commitment to limit sodium to 600 milligrams in all of the BK Kids Meals advertised to children under 12 years old, enhancing the company's commitment to the Canadian Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative pledge. As part of the pledge, Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. committed to only advertise Kids Meals to children under 12 that meet stringent nutrition criteria.

"The Burger King brand's ‘Have It Your Way’ promise allows our guests to customize their meals to meet their personal nutritional needs," says Raj Varman, general manager for Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. "Our commitment to reducing sodium in our advertised Kids Meals is yet another example of our commitment to providing our guests with even more choices."

Canada's advertised BK Kids Menu offers a selection of nutritionally-balanced meals including hamburger, Chicken Tender, and Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese meals. When purchased with Mott’s Fruitsations fruit cup and a Minute Maid apple juice these better-for-you options fall within Health Canada's recommended nutritional guidelines. In addition to limiting sodium, the company has stringent nutrition guidelines for advertised BK Kids Meals that consist of no more than 560 calories, less than 30 percent of the calories from fat, less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fat, no added trans fat, and no more than 10 percent of calories from added sugars.

"Proactively reducing sodium in children's menu items further supports Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc.'s ongoing commitment to promote healthier dietary and lifestyle choices for kids," says Linda J. Nagel, president and CEO of Advertising Standards Canada, which administers the Canadian Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. "Corporate actions from Children's Advertising Initiative Partners, such as these by Burger King restaurants, are positively changing the children's advertising landscape in Canada."

This sodium reduction supports the BK Positive Steps corporate responsibility program, and is based on recommendations from Burger King Corp.'s (BKC) multi-disciplinary Sodium Taskforce. Across Canada, BKC recently reduced sodium in Chicken Tenders by 20 percent and in sliced ham by 10 percent. In addition, the Whopper and hamburger beef patties are made with 100 percent beef and contain no added salt.

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