Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, known for its award-winning, hand-crafted sandwiches, is closing 2018 on a high note. The past year has shown impressive developments for the Las Vegas-based concept, including rapid growth, a new restaurant design, an updated consumer-facing rewards app, various charitable initiatives and more.

In 2018, Capriotti’s opened 10 new shops in markets such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls and Salt Lake City. Additionally, the brand signed franchise development agreements for 29 new shops, with over 100 in the pipeline under area development agreements. Capriotti’s plans to open 15 additional stores in 2019, entering multiple new markets with record revenues.

The growth in large-part can be attributed to the brand staying loyal to its 40-year-old roots, while also innovating to stay ahead of industry trends and catering to new and loyal fans alike. Capriotti’s debuted a refreshed store design this year, featuring a clean, modern interior, as well as convenience factors such as in-store pick-up cubbies, drive-up windows and additional partnerships with third-party delivery services.

Further tailoring to Capriotti’s broad fan base, the brand recently launched an updated version of the CAPAddicts Rewards app. The app makes it easier for Capriotti’s fans nationwide to earn more points on their favorite sandwiches and reap the rewards of their loyalty.

“Looking back on 2018, it’s amazing to see the leaps and bounds our brand has taken, and how our fans have positively reacted to our innovations and continuous growth,” said David Bloom, Capriotti’s Chief Development Officer. “We were able to bring our famous sandwiches to seven new markets, provide additional resources for our franchise partners in real estate development and training, as well as work with our fans to raise money for local and national charities. We’re looking forward to leveraging this momentum into 2019, and continue to build our Capriotti’s fan base across the country and overseas.”

With the top 25 percent of shops averaging $1.1 million average unit volume and an initial average investment of $376,000 with high growth potential, Capriotti’s is a profitable and rewarding franchise investment. The brand is backed by a corporate leadership team that offers a continuous support program for franchisees, called CAPMastery. This online and field program provides significant support to franchisees for marketing, retail sales, operations and growth strategies through every stage of their ownership. Looking ahead, Capriotti’s focus will be to continue being an extraordinary franchise, whose franchise partners earn exceptional returns by selling the best tasting, highest quality food.

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