MEDIAPRO, creator of Animated Digital Menu Boards menuboards and digital retail signage is combining high-definition digital menuboard technology with Capri Deli’s 58-year-old, family-owned catering menu in Covina, California.  

“The process of digitizing the time-tested catering menu was handled in a very conscientious way to maintain the integrity of the old-fashioned family feeling and values of Capri Deli and its founder Vince DiMaggio’s catering menu onto digital signage preview boards,” says Ben Wheeler, MEDIAPRO’s director of marketing.

“Vince’s sons, Vic and John DiMaggio, were very aware of the image that they wanted to convey to the Capri Deli clientele, some who have been coming to the deli for 50-plus years,” he adds. “The brothers tried really hard to protect their parents’ legacy while updating the restaurant to meet the future head on. The brothers saw the menuboards as a way to modernize the storefront while maintaining the feel of the Deli and, most importantly, driving more sells of existing product in a highly appealing way”.

MEDIAPRO is excited to partner with Capri Deli to deploy and manage its digital menuboards. MEDIAPRO’s goal is to provide Capri Deli with a solution that facilitates showcasing its mixture of catered foods, along with MEDIAPRO’s animated characters.

The software on these boards features an animated character representation of Vince DiMaggio wearing a chef’s hat that says, “Papa D”.