Industry News | June 20, 2011

Captain D’s Adds Sandwiches in Appeal for New Customers

Captain D’s rolled out a new line of sandwiches that it is hoping will increase traffic to the lunch daypart and appeal to a younger customer base.

The new sandwiches were released last week as a way to “access people who are not normal visitors to a Captain D’s,” says the company’s executive vice president, Monte Jump.

“We skew a bit older demographic,” Jump says. “This is a way for us to leverage the consumer’s interest in having portable products. Consumers are on the go constantly, and this is a way for us to begin to play in that game.”

Customers can choose between a cod sandwich, which is made with panko-breaded North Pacific Cod, and a chicken sandwich, which is made with breaded, whole-breast, white-meat chicken.

They can then choose one of three different sandwich styles: Spicy Bayou, which includes a remoulade sauce and onion straws; Southwestern, with baja sauce and pico de gallo; and Bacon Ranch. Each sandwich is served on a toasted bun.

Jump says the company is hoping the sandwiches eventually become 8­–10 percent of Captain D’s overall sales mix. The leadership team is also hoping the sandwiches can boost lunch and drive-thru traffic, he says.

But the ultimate goal, Jump says, is for the sandwiches to evolve consumer perception of the Captain D’s brand.

“We’re hoping that people will begin to think about Captain D’s differently—that we’re not just about fried seafood—and it will influence a dinner decision,” he says. “They may not get the sandwich, but it will at least influence them to think about us in a different way.”

Marketing support for the new sandwiches launched today, and Jump says Captain D’s will send an invitation to e-mail subscribers inviting them to “like” the brand on Facebook. If they do, they’ll be rewarded with a coupon for a free sandwich with purchase of a side and drink, Jump says.

“Trial is so important on a product like this, particularly one where you haven’t done it before and you’re not known for doing it,” he says.

By Sam Oches

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More calories than a big mac. Sounds like winner with young hipsters.

The underlying problem is the customer service, if the chain had it they'd survive. Also, who wants a fried sandwich?? THing of the PAST! Where are the grilled or baked fish options. THe chain wants 7-9 bucks for lunch plates. The cheaper sandwich combo is good, but not healthy at all. Is there going to be a bun that is under 150 calories or just the gigantic bun that is like 500 calories?? Come on guys!? Look at the healthy options Wendy's is always serving up. Captain Ds will survive if they get out of the FRIED!!! Nobody wants it but the old over 70 crowd and they arent the people spending money at lunch. its us, the 30 ish crowd!!

Hi, to the person referring to "the bun." I just looked up the calories because I just had a broiled tilapia sandwich and wondered how many calories the bun has, since they just made up this sandwich for me....the bun with the seeds is 200 calories and the tilapia (broiled/grilled) is 130 calories, so there is a 330 calories sandwich. Theu put lettiuce on mine and gave me the tarter sause on the side in case I wanted to add was a delicious sandwich and filled me right up...I don't think that is bad..just staying, and I'm in the 40-something crowd, so just thought I would pass this along...

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