Captain D’s LLC, the leading fast-casual seafood restaurant, announced it has joined forces with the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Americans about the health benefits of a seafood-rich diet. Significant research and recent studies have determined that eating seafood twice a week can lead to fewer instances of chronic and preventable diseases. Findings also show that a seafood-rich diet can improve heart health and bolster brain development.

“The Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s beliefs are in line with our own, that there is significant nutritional value and health benefits of a seafood-rich diet. We are proud to work together to help spread awareness of this important issue nationwide,” says Phil Greifeld, Captain D’s chief executive officer.

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership aims to reduce the risks of heart disease, improve baby brain wellness, and increase memory for seniors by educating Americans about the health benefits of seafood and building awareness of seafood’s essential nutritional value. The organization encourages the public, with an emphasis on women and heart disease, through partnerships with local community leaders in key cities across the country and engages their constituents with nutrition education. Activities range from seafood-focused cooking demonstrations to health screenings to public service announcements and public events, with an emphasis on the call to action of taking the Healthy Heart Pledge.

“Captain D's engagement with SNP comes at an important time as we launch our public health education campaign efforts in October," says Linda Cornish, executive director of Seafood Nutrition Partnership. "Too many Americans do not realize the health benefits of eating seafood and this partnership will help SNP get the message out to more people."

With 512 restaurants in 26 states, Captain D’s is the fast-casual seafood leader and No. 1 seafood franchise in America ranked by average unit volume. Captain D’s recently unveiled a new design featuring a vibrant coastal atmosphere and upgraded the dining experience with new plate ware and silverware. Captain D’s new menu, featuring several new items, is brought to life with upgraded menu boards and also features several new kids’ meal offerings. With these efforts, Captain D’s has remained true to what it does best—serving high-quality seafood with warm hospitality at an affordable price.

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