Industry News | March 11, 2013

Caribou Adds LTOs, 3-D Billboard, and New TV Spot

Caribou Coffee Company, a brand committed to providing premium food and drink experiences, is serving two new beverages in its coffeehouses across the country.

The limited-time-only additions to Caribou's menu—Biscotti Mocha and Cafe Milan Latte—were created to inspire Caribou fans to enjoy all life has to offer, fueled by unique coffee experiences.

On March 4, Caribou began serving the rich Biscotti Mocha and Cafe Milan Latte drinks, made from the premium ingredients that the company has become known for.

Caribou understands that coffee plays many different roles in its guests' lives, and the company remains passionate about offering a range of unique and delightful beverages that are as diverse as its fans' experiences.

Biscotti Mochafeatures flavors of amaretto, vanilla, and pistachio and is topped with crumbled biscotti.

The Cafe Milan Latteis flavored with honey and hazelnut syrup, and dusted on top with cinnamon.

"At Caribou, we've created these new offerings because we believe that coffee is more than a drink; it's a personal experience that fuels your life and makes meaningful moments," says Alfredo Martel, senior vice president of marketing and product management. "Whether you are jumpstarting your morning, relaxing with friends, or warming up on a chilly day, we want to help you find the ideal drink for your mood, your occasion, and your life." 

To remind its fans that "Life is more than coffee, that's why there's coffee," Caribou created its first TV spot since 2010, which fans will see throughout the company's largest Minnesota markets in the coming weeks.

Fans can also see an image of Caribou's new 3D billboard in downtown Minneapolis on the brand’s Facebook page, which was created to celebrate these exciting new launches.

The new Biscotti Mocha and Cafe Milan Latte will be available in all Caribou locations until Sunday, May 12.

Meanwhile, the company has rolled out new cups, napkins, and other in-store touches aimed to serve as simple reminders to its fans to take advantage of all of life's small moments of inspiration. 

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