Caribou Coffee announced that you will soon be able to enjoy your favorite cold brew beverages in premium, ready-to-drink cans. Caribou’s signature cold brew is brewed slowly for twelve hours from their bestselling Caribou Blend beans. From the first sip to the last, the beverages are smooth and refreshing with no bite or bitterness. The assortment includes:

  • Cold Brew Black Coffee
  • Cold Brew Original Crafted: With a hint of cream and real sugar
  • Cold Brew Vanilla Crafted: With a touch of cream and vanilla

Cold brewed coffee is a way of life for many coffee lovers today, and sipping coffee on-the-go has also become an extension of the consumer’s personality. Caribou Coffee combines the company’s more than 26-year history of coffeehouse expertise with their iconic Northwoods-themed brand, and perfectly answers the call with the development of this new RTD coffee portfolio.

“We are confident our new beverages are positioned to be the best in the RTD coffee market, and they are packaged in a way that only the Caribou brand can deliver. We could not be more excited to share this new portfolio with consumers,” says Jenifer Hagness, VP of Global Marketing at Caribou Coffee. “The Caribou brand is the perfect combination of playful and premium – we take our coffee seriously in the North, but not ourselves. Beyond developing great tasting coffee, the new RTD portfolio also allowed us to explore a new creative design with our iconic Caribou logo. Life is too short for bad coffee! We hope our consumers will continue to fuel their daily life with Caribou, wherever their adventures take them.”

Cold Brew Black Coffee is available starting July 11 in all Caribou Coffee company-owned locations nationwide. The 11.5 oz. can will be priced at $3.49. Cold Brew Original Crafted and Cold Brew Vanilla Crafted beverages will be available this fall.

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