Caribou Coffee announced the launch of a new fresh food platform designed to provide guests with an assortment of food options

As part of the first phase of the launch, Caribou's new bakery will provide guests with a wide array of baked goods. While Caribou fan favorites, including the Maine Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Coffee Cake, will remain on the coffee retailer's menu, the bakery launch will bring 13 new items to Caribou coffeehouses, from artisanal Parisian Macarons to Spinach Feta Croissants and Toffee Crunch Blondies. The new and expanded food menu will offer a balance of savory and sweet bites.

"At Caribou, we are making a commitment to providing our guests with food that matches the high standards of our coffees, and it starts today with our bakery launch," says Michele Vig, VP of marketing for Caribou Coffee, "Our new bakery assortment is just the first phase of revamping our food in 2014. The second and third phases of food innovation will provide our guests with new hot lunch sandwiches as well as green salads, wraps, fresh fruit and vegetables, snack boxes, and healthy menu options."

Caribou coffeehouses will offer items like the Mini Donut Muffin, Mini Cupcakes, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chocolate Croissant, Triple Chocolate Brownie, Mini Oatmeal Cookie, Raspberry Bar, Sticky Bun, and Lemon Tart.

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