Caribou Coffee is unveiling coffee cups featuring the winning phrases of a consumer-generated contest to find out what its customers “stay awake for.”

The company’s “Make the Cup” contest, which launched in August 2010, invited customers to submit phrases and images of what inspires them, with the chance of having their winning phrase featured on millions of Caribou Coffee cups around the country. From “driving with the top down” to “finding a cure for breast cancer” and “bicycling down country roads with friends,” the winning expressions showcased the variety of passions Caribou Coffee’s guests have.

Caribou Coffee’s tagline, “Life is short. Stay awake for it.,” has been with the company since its inception in 1992. As part of their rebranding efforts in 2010, the tagline was given new life through phrases called “Bou-isms”—phrases that encourage readers to live life to the fullest and share what they “Stay awake for.” Although the tagline previously focused on the benefits of caffeine, Caribou has now shifted the branding element from a declarative statement to expressions signifying a “seize the day” attitude.

“Caribou Coffee is a brand that embraces living life to the fullest, regardless of what it is that you are passionate about. We want to give our consumers a chance to share that passion and be part of the conversation,” says Alfredo Martel, senior vice president of marketing and product management for Caribou Coffee.

Customers entered the Make the Cup contest via, Face book, or Twitter to tell what they stay awake for, and upload pictures and videos, for the chance to be featured on millions of Caribou Coffee cups. A total of 147 winners were selected from more than 12,000 entries received in a one-month timeframe.

Winning phrases include: “Driving with the top down,” “Last ride on the Ferris wheel,” “Pitter-patter of little feet as the sun rises,” “To end breast cancer!,” “To zig where others zag,” “Bicycling down country roads with friends,” and “Stopping at every kid’s lemonade stand.”

Winning phrases will be featured on Caribou Coffee cups until October of 2011.

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