Caribou Coffee made a commitment to energy efficiency by mandating compact fluorescent lamps in its lighting design specifications for corporate-owned locations. The initiative is expected to save each coffeehouse up to 70 percent in lighting costs.

Caribou Coffee’s enhanced lighting design is aligned with its commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. With its mission to “provide a total experience that makes the day better,” Caribou Coffee modified its lighting design requirements to make its customers feel more comfortable and relaxed while they enjoy a cup of its coffee.

“Switching the old halogen light bulbs in Caribou coffeehouses to energy-efficient light bulbs will reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Mike Tattersfield, CEO and president of Caribou Coffee. “Along with our support of sustaining coffee production with Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms and our Fair Trade and organic certified coffees, this is yet another important step Caribou Coffee is taking in our quest to be mindful and sustainable in our business practices.”

Caribou Coffee made the switch from 50-watt PAR30 halogen light bulbs to 15-watt PAR30 Spiral-PAR compact fluorescent light bulbs from Litetronics International Inc.

“The Litetronics lamps were one of several tested and were selected based on aesthetics, lifespan, efficiency, and cost,” says Jeff Johnson, construction manager for Caribou Coffee. The Spiral-PAR bulbs maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing each coffeehouse’s atmosphere.

“We’re pleased that Caribou Coffee has selected Litetronics Spiral-PAR light bulbs for their corporate-owned locations,” says Robert Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics. “Like Caribou, Litetronics is committed to protecting the environment for future generations. We want to help restaurants achieve greater energy efficiency without sacrificing their exceptional customer experience.”

By reducing energy consumption by 35 watts per socket with Spiral-PAR fluorescent bulbs, it’s estimated that each coffeehouse will save up to 70 percent in lighting costs compared to the halogen bulbs used previously.

More than half of the Caribou Coffee corporate locations have already made the switch to energy efficient lighting. The company plans to transition the rest of its coffeehouses to Spiral-PAR lamps by the end of this year.

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