Caribou Coffee Company Inc. is now offering its exclusive La Minita Peaberry coffee. The company buys the entire year’s harvest of this high-quality, hand-sorted bean from the growers at Hacienda La Minita in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.

What makes this coffee so special is the peaberry. A normal coffee cherry develops two seeds; however, approximately 7 percent of coffee cherries–the peaberries–develop only one seed, concentrating the coffee’s pure flavors and imparting a highly sought-after boldness to the bean. This dense bean produces a pure and delicate sweetness and is one of the finest coffees in the world.

“Our mission at Caribou Coffee is to deliver a coffee experience that makes the day better –and to share with our customers the very best coffee we can,” says Senior Director of Coffee and Tea, Chad Trewick. “Through our carefully cultivated, long-term relationships with growers, we are able to source rare and prized coffees like La Minita Peaberry. Then, by craft roasting in small batches, we’re able to highlight the exceptional nature and flavors of these beans. Customers that experience this rare offering will not be disappointed.”

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