Carl’s Jr. has just added the Loaded Breakfast Burrito(tm) to its menu, leaving competitors’ puny imitations in its shadow. Hungry breakfast eaters on the go can stop at Carl’s Jr. and dig into the tortilla-wrapped meal loaded with a eggs, meat, cheese, hash rounds, and salsa.

“Just as Carl’s Jr.’s Six Dollar Burger raised the bar for burgers, we think the Loaded Breakfast Burrito will change the way people view fast-food breakfast burritos,” says Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing for Carl’s Jr. “While burritos have become almost a staple on most fast-food breakfast menus, they have usually been offered as small, skinny things that don’t represent much of a meal. The Loaded Breakfast Burrito is a delicious, satisfyingly big burrito with a great combination of tastes that won’t leave you hungry.”

Participating Carl’s Jr. restaurants will begin selling the Loaded Breakfast Burrito on Aug. 25. Suggested retail price is $1.99, though prices may vary.

“Breakfast is an important meal,” says Haley. “This burrito will definitely break your fast and keep hunger at bay until lunch.”

Launching concurrently with the Loaded Breakfast Burrito is the Guacamole Bacon Chicken Sandwich, featuring charbroiled chicken breast topped with guacamole, bacon, melting Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Ranch sauce on a large seeded bun.

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