Carl’s Jr. has signed an agreement with Indoor Direct Inc. that will deliver the indoorDIRECT digital television network to 133 of the burger chain’s locations. IndoorDIRECT produces and distributes theBITE Network, a combination of entertainment and advertising that is divided into brief 3-5 minute segments.

“With its emphasis on sports, music and entertainment, the programming that indoorDIRECT delivers through theBITE Network is a perfect fit for the Carl’s Jr. ‘young, hungry guy’ target audience,” says Anne Blumenstein, vice president field marketing & media for Carl’s Jr. “We think that our customers will come to love it almost as much as our burgers.”

“The addition of Carl’s Jr. is more evidence of indoorDIRECT’s momentum and growth, as well as proof that restaurant digital TV is a concept whose time has come,” says Bill Myers, chief operating officer and co-founder of indoorDIRECT. “Carl’s Jr. realized that their customers are craving great entertainment while they’re enjoying those awesome burgers.”

The 133 participating Carl’s Jr. locations are in the San Diego and San Francisco areas. In May, indoorDIRECT announced a deal that would bring the network to 324 locations of Carl’s Jr.’s sister chain, Hardee’s. IndoorDIRECT currently is showing its programming in 1,000 quick-service and fast-casual restaurant locations nationwide.

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