Industry News | January 27, 2011

Carl's Jr. Wraps Up Its Chicken Tenders for the Go

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Making one of its new menu favorites portable, Carl’s Jr. is now offering Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wrappers. For guests who crave a Chicken Tenders meal but want a quick bite or portable meal, the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wrapper is available at all Carl’s Jr. restaurants.

Each easy-to-eat wrapper features a Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender neatly rolled in a flour tortilla with shredded lettuce and shredded cheese, then topped with a choice of Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Mustard, or Sweet & Bold BBQ sauce.

“People love our new Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders and have been asking us to do more with them,” says Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing for Carl’s Jr. “The new Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wrappers were a logical next choice since they take that great taste our customers have come to crave and serve it up in more of a sandwich-like experience that’s perfect for a quick snack or meal.”

Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Wrappers are available as a single entrée for $1.49 or as a two-wrap combo, with fries and a drink, for $4.99. Prices may vary by location. They are already a menu favorite at Hardee’s, where they were introduced several weeks ago.

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