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    Carolinas to Grow by 23 TCBY Stores

  • Industry News September 30, 2011

    TCBY, the leading frozen yogurt concept, recently announced its strategic expansion agreement in North Carolina and South Carolina.

    TCBY formed a 10-year area developer agreement with Samuel Batt, the franchisee who piloted the company’s first self-serve store and the current owner of seven TCBY locations. Batt agreed to open and/or franchise 23 TCBY self-serve locations in North Carolina and South Carolina within the next three years, with two stores to open in Charlotte by the end of 2011. This expansion agreement represents significant growth in both states, adding to TCBY’s 29 stores in North Carolina and 14 stores in South Carolina.

    “This new development agreement is yet another example of TCBY’s forward-thinking approach in growing the brand and levering our perfected product and self-serve model,” says Tim Casey, CEO of TCBY.

    “The company’s first self-serve location launched in Charlotte last year and set the stage for significant growth in the surrounding area,” Batt says. “The reception from customers and shopping centers requesting TCBY has been overwhelming, so this expansion of stores will provide more accessibility for customers by bringing locations closer to home. I am a firm believer in TCBY’s product, brand, and outlook for the future.”

    Each of the self-serve locations in North Carolina and South Carolina will feature more than 50 toppings and offer 10 to 16 flavors, including flavors within TCBY’s new frozen yogurt classification called “Super Fro-Yo,” the healthiest frozen yogurt product available in the market. TCBY continues to offer the most extensive product line, with all yogurt flavors low in fat, fat free, or sugar free.