Industry News | September 16, 2008

Carvel to Celebrate Customer Appreciation Day

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On September 20 from noon to 5 p.m. participating Carvel Ice Cream locations will host Customer Appreciation Day and offer a free Lil’ Rounder to every guest and small soft serve cones for $0.59.

“We recognize that the economy is tough right now, but our customers have continued to be good to us,” explains Gary Bales, president of Carvel Ice Cream.

Lil’ Rounder cookies are one of the main ingredients to Carvel’s new Lil’ Rounder novelities which are two mini-cookies with soft serve in the middle sold in 12-packs. Essentially, it is a bite-size version of Carvel’s famous Chipsters. The cookies come in three distinct flavors: chocolate chip, double chocolate and sugar.

“With the increasing popularity of mini-indulgences, we wanted to present a Carvel favorite in a guilt-free portion size,” explains Lori Peterson, director of marketing for Carvel Ice Cream.