Carvel Introduces Strawberry Crunchies

    Industry News | April 25, 2022
    Carvel's new strawberry crunchies.
    The strawberry flavor joins chocolate and vanilla.

    Starting today, Carvel is offering a new way to enjoy its beloved Crunchie treat with the introduction of Strawberry Crunchies. These bite-sized pieces of celebration – best known as the crunch layered within and on top of Carvel's famous ice cream cakes or added as a topping to their famous original soft serve – have been part of special moments, big and small, for generations.

    Now available at Carvel shoppes and on food delivery platforms, Carvel’s new Strawberry Crunchies and treats lineup joins the brand’s classic Chocolate and Vanilla Crunchies flavors. These bite-sized pieces of celebration are best known as the crunch layered within and on top of Carvel’s famous ice cream cakes or soft serve, and fans can celebrate special moments big and small with Crunchies by enjoying each flavor on its own or mixing together for a crunchy Neapolitan combo.

    Strawberry Crunchies joins the brand's classic Chocolate and Vanilla Crunchies flavors – each of which can be enjoyed on their own or mixed for a crunchy Neapolitan combo. As part of Carvel's ongoing innovations to bring both traditional and trendy flavors to fans, Strawberry marks the third new Crunchies flavor Carvel has introduced in the past year, following the popular Churro Crunchies from summer 2021 and Cookie Butter Crunchies introduced during the 2021 holiday season.

    "Strawberry is one of our most popular flavors, and we knew putting a familiar twist on Crunchies, a classic that has been an integral part of Carvel's history, would be perfect for making new memories at all types of celebrations, 'or Carvel-ebrations,' this spring," says Jessica Osborne, Vice President of Marketing, Carvel. "We heard our fans who asked us for even more delicious opportunities to enjoy their favorite tastes through new offerings, and we are excited to continue to be a part of their life moments with our lineup of Strawberry Crunchies-filled treats."

    Fans can get their Crunchies fix with Carvel's new product line, a combination of new products and a few Carvel favorites loaded with Strawberry Crunchies:  

    • Crunchies To-Go: Carvel's famous Crunchies coated with a strawberry Bonnet shell
    • Strawberry Dasher: Delicious layers of vanilla soft ice cream, Strawberry Crunchies and strawberries topped with whipped cream
    • Flying Saucers Rolled in Crunchies: Flying Saucer crackers filled with Vanilla soft ice cream rolled in Strawberry Crunchies
    • Strawberry Crunchies Cake: Carvel's Crunchies cake made with a layer of Strawberry Crunchies, sandwiched between layers of vanilla ice cream and covered in extra Strawberry Crunchies on the side
    • Vanilla soft ice cream on a Cake Cone or Cup, rolled in Strawberry Crunchies


    Carvel's new Strawberry Crunchies treats lineup, along with treats featuring the classic Chocolate and Vanilla Crunchies, are available at Carvel shoppes and food delivery platforms. Starting prices vary by shoppe. 

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