Carvel is expanding its presence in Florida. During 2014, Carvel opened four new ice cream shoppes in southern Florida and plans on adding locations in the Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, and Miami markets. The planned expansion follows the introduction of the ice cream franchise’s new shoppe design in Royal Palm Beach in 2014.

“There’s tremendous buzz about Carvel in Florida right now,” says Carvel president Scott Colwell. “Loyal customers are excited about the new look, the new menu innovations, and they’re asking us to open more shoppes throughout the state.”

Carvel is a leading regional ice cream brand in the Northeast and Florida, known for its signature ice cream cakes, Fudgie the Whale character, freshly made soft ice cream, and other hand-crafted novelty treats. The company, which has 30 locations in Florida, celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014.

Desirable weather and support from snowbirds, who grew up with Carvel and are now introducing friends and family members to the brand, are additional reasons Carvel is focusing expansion efforts in Florida, Colwell says.

In March 2014, Royal Palm Beach became home to the first newly designed Carvel shoppe, which features a more contemporary atmosphere, digital promotional menuboards, and other updates that showcase Carvel’s decadent treats, including new dipping cabinets and a large display area for the brand’s signature ice cream cakes.

Carvel is seeking franchisees to develop new full shoppes in the Orlando, Tampa, and markets to the south. Franchisees can also open newly redesigned express shoppes throughout the state. Express locations are cobranded franchise models available for development in nontraditional venues, such as airports, universities, malls, travel venues, military bases, stadiums and arenas, and amusement parks. Express shoppes offer Carvel’s most popular fountain items, including cups and cones, classic sundaes, shakes, and Carvelanche treats.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Desserts, Growth, News, Carvel Ice Cream