Carvel is offering guests a free eight ounce Iceberg, Carvel’s newest blended treat, on April 30 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.; no strings attached to celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary.

Seventy five years after Tom Carvel suffered a flat tire and set-up shop in Hartsdale, New York, the Carvel name is on more than 500 locations across the nation and abroad. Following the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, participating locations are celebrating the brand’s diamond anniversary with a new product giveaway.

“We want to show our appreciation for the significant role our guests have played in the success of our brand by giving them a free Carvel treat to celebrate this exciting milestone,” says Lori Peterson, vice president of marketing for Carvel.

Icebergs blend Carvel’s signature vanilla ice cream flavoring with Fanta Orange, Barq’s Root Beer or Coke-a-Cola, and ice topped with premium vanilla soft serve to create Carvel’s interpretation of the ice cream float.

“We thought an Iceberg giveaway was also a nice way to pay tribute to Tom Carvel,” says Peterson. “We try to keep his spirit alive through continued product innovation, excellent customer service and creative event marketing.”

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